Wednesday, 22 January 2014

My Hot 10 of 2013

Arctic Monkeys- Do I Wanna Know

My Number One track from last year. I just love this tune... "it gets me going!" Cant wait for when they tour Oz mid year.

Arcade Fire- Reflector

They were unbelievable at the BDO. The moment that Bowie arrives in this track is amazing.

Vance Joy - Riptide

Been on this song for a while, its made it to commercial radio and even TV ads but I still love it. Best Aussie song of the year.

 Lorde- Royals

Now this song has been punished on radio, television and almost everywhere you go! Lorde has been the best new artist in the world this year. with quality other song Tennis Court and Team, I still have a soft spot for songs that make an artist get the attention of people. Royal definitely got our attention.

Violent Soho- Covered in Chrome

My rock song of the year. These Brissie boys are killing it. With a national tour plus Falls and BDO festivals, they are riding the wave of success and it looks like international success is on the way.

Jay Z- F*ckwithmeyouknowigotit

My favourite hip hop song of the year.(ASAP Rocky is unlucky) Lyrically not breaking boundaries here and if you get offend by bad language best not listen. But this song just "gets me going!". With the help of Rick Ross this is a killer track.

Foals- My Number

A song from very early last year I put this one in the memory bank. My favourite gig from last year, The Foals cemented themselves as one of my most loved bands. Such a fun tune and a regular when I DJ.

Rüfüs-Desert Night

Rüfüs produced one of my top 5 albums last year and Desert Night was the first track from it. The boys are killing it on the festival circuit drawing huge crowds. Keep your eyes and ears on these guys. The future is bright.

The Preatures- This is how I feel?

What a fun tune. The Preatures are a band I'd love to tour with. Isabella Manfredi is an amazing front woman, the whole band just oozes cool.

 Kite String Tangle- Given a Chance

Another local talent from Brisbane. Just an amazing and uplifting tune. On songs to debut with this is one of very high quality. Cant wait for more stuff from Kite String Tangle.

Happy Listening on Australia Day to Triple J's Hottest 100. Be interesting to see where my votes come in, if at all!

Thursday, 16 January 2014

The Falls.

The Falls Festival ventured up to Byron Bay for the first time this year. After starting in Lorne,Victoria in 1993 it was a huge success & Marion Bay, Tasmania was added as a venue 10 years later.

At the same North Byron Parklands as Splendour in the Grass, they changed the site format going for two natural amphitheatre stages. It was a super chilled festival with 15,000 punters enjoying the New Year celebrations.

After missing out on Splendour the last couple of years I was super stoked to get along to a Secret Sounds festival.

The Roots brought in the New Year with a massive show on Tuesday night but it was Wednesday & Thursday when most of the bands were arriving after performing at the Lorne & Marion bay shows.

Bands I watched:

Chet Faker
Violent Soho
White Denim
Big Scary
The Rubens
Grizzly Bear
Vampire Weekend
London Grammar
The Wombats
Crystal Fighters


Chet Faker - 'The Dude' has got so much talent. He dropped a new tune '1998' & it's another cracking beat. He's in fine form at the moment and I can't wait for his new stuff. He's got the midis touch! I guess that happens when you associate yourself with Flume.

White Denim - After recently dropping their new album 'Corsicana Lemonade' the boys from Texas melted through their set in 40 degree heat. It was made worse by the boys wearing double denim, unfortunately the heat kept the crowd away but it wasn't quantity but quality in the crowd, where I saw Bernard Fanning looking impressed.

Rüfüs - Saw the boys at The Zoo last month but a festival is where they belong. A crowd favourite. If you haven't heard their album 'Atlas' it's one of my favourites of the year.

Grizzly Bear - I absolutely love these guys and they didn't disappoint. A  harmonious unit, I was taken away with their dreamy melodies and was surprised that three of them sang - I love that, a real team effort. Maybe that one is of the reasons I love bands - it's a real team effort.

Vampire Weekend & The Wombats - Put these two bands together. Two quality headliners who have done their fair share of festivals. Almost veterans of a live gig, they both delivered an awesome set. No one would go home disappointed after seeing them, although there was chat of The Wombats lip synching but I think we will leave that to Britney Spears. I did notice the boys had a backing track on some of their songs but they are not alone there.

London Grammar - As the sun went down on the last night of Falls Fest the beautiful vocals of Hannah  Reid blew the huge crowd away. An amazing band, they almost seemed overwhelmed by the size of the crowd, Hannah took photos for her instagram.

Crystal Fighters - I took a huge gamble and went to watch Crystal Fighters instead of watching MGMT. I was not disappointed. Although MGMT are an amazing band I only really like 5-6 songs off their first album. Crystal Fighters excited me with their singles Wave,  Love is all I got, You & I.
A must see live act it is very hard to explain their style but joyous & uplifting come to mind. A mixed back of musicians they seem to come together like a bag of Allens All Sorts.

The Bands I Missed: 

The Preatures - After being cooked in 40 degree heat watching Chet Faker, The Preatures followed him on the main stage. My pale skin could not could not handle another lather of Vitamin D.

Questlove DJ set - The drummer from The Roots with the huge fro. He is also a Sonos ambassador and rocked the Jack Daniels Barrel Shed till the early hours. It would have been one cool dance party to get down to.

Flight Facilities - Playing the same time as Vampire Weekend they still drew a huge crowd. The Aussie duo have become one of Australia's best DJ's.With hits for days, a perfect summer festival band.

Solange - I was unaware this chick was Beyonce's sister until everyone was raving about her after Main stage gig. One of the highlights of the festival everyone keeps telling me. This is one artist I now know who I didn't before.

Hermitude - They Drop beats to get any crowd going. Their most famous song Hyper Paradise (helped by Flumes remix) is an absolute classic. On my music bucket list. Being Australian I should be catching them at a festival soon.

All in all The Falls Festival was a huge success. All the punters left satisfied except some of the happy campers weren't so wrapped  after a two hour traffic jam trying to get out.
Well done to the organisers "Secret Sounds" I look forward to their next festival "St Jeromes Laneway Festival" in early February.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Ash Mcgrath - What's He Like?

He's the man of the moment.

That winning kick- Great style.

Just recently winning the 'Jim Stynes Medal' for being the best Australian player in the International Rules series. He looked right at home standing in the goal square, not having to move to far. I might let him take that role next year playing on the oppositions Full Forwards.

Frustrated Goaly- always someone else's fault.

It's been one of those years for Ash, who can forget his kick after the siren to win the game in his 200th match. It was one of the greatest wins Ive been apart of & a fairytale for Ash.

Lets see what he's into-

What pop song get's stuck in your head- Karmin Acapella 

Do you listen to music before games? Yes got a little play list

To pump up or chill out- A bit of both

Any musical talents? Yes I can play a mean triangle and destroy guitar hero on  Medium level

Did u do any music at school? ie school choir/ play recorder/ start a band? Played recorder but if you tell anyone I'll  kill ya.

What radio station do u most listen to? Either morning radio station in the morning to get the traffic updates then on goes spotify tunes

Kareoke song? Cotton Fields - Creedence Clearwater Revival

Your thoughts on my musical taste? Very good bit out there

If there was only one song you could listen to for the rest of your life what would it be?
Seven Spanish Angels by Willy Neelson, it was my dads favourite song and his funeral song so means a lot to me and my family 

I love the way music does that. You can attach a certain song to a time in your life, everytime you hear that song it reminds you of that moment and the emotion.

Thanks so much for sharing that with us mate.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The GM- Simon Black

Blacky is said to do his finest work in September on the footy field. With three Premiership Medals and  a Norm Smith to go along with his three All-Australian, three Best & Fairest's and a Brownlow Medal, his record speaks for itself.

But I believe its the following weeks after September where Blacky does his best work on dance floors and Kareoke bars. Now that he is an older statesmen, the time spent on the 'D-floor' has shortened but he still dominates and when his arm starts pumping you know things are about to escalate.

Getting the Great Man on the karaoke stage is a hard feat but once up there he's impossible to get down. Let's see what Blacky's influences are when belting out a tune.

Blacky who's your favourite artist of all time? Pearl Jam

At the moment? Ben Howard 

Pop song stuck in head? Hey Ya- Outkast

Do you listen to music before games? Sometimes to chill out if I'm feeling nervous. Particularly on the bus to away games interstate. 

Any musical talent? 
I have very minimal music talent, learnt the guitar briefly at school, created my own song called 'Baby Don't Cry'. Those three words were the whole lyrics to the song, it was a big hit in my household growing up. I still sing it from time to time now when im having a flat day! I also learnt the recorder at school. 

Radio Station you listen to? Listen to Triple J mostly. 

Your Karaoke song would be? Santa Monica, Everclear. 

Thoughts on my music taste? You know I thoroughly enjoy your music taste and am often asking you about new bands or tips for me to check out, you're my go to man for cracking new music!

If there was only one song I could listen to forever probably be? Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah or Ben Harper - Amen Omen

Well, the great man has great taste no wonder he is a star!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Summer loving with 'Mac Demarco'

This Canadian groover has delivered my summer soundtrack.

Im not sure if it was spending most of my holidays with Byron Bay back drop that drew me towards these beachy/jazzy/ funky sounds but Mac Demarco does it well.

His film clip to 'Ode to Viceroy' is a bit trippy & the song is a at a slow pace but its a perfect paradise jam. His guitar work is simple yet howling... I love it.

My favourite tune of his is 'Freaking out the Neighbourhood' a more upbeat and super cool tune.

Can't wait for summer to get in the water and once my leg heals jump on my surfboard. Byron Bay & Noosa will be the choice spots for my new longboard.

The only only downer is that summer = Preseason training. Which = pain. Gotta love it.

Dont forget to check out this months playlist:

If you use spotify be sure to follow me for constant updates and playlists:danielmerrett21

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Brent 'Heart Breaker' Staker- What's he like?

"Snag Central" just hanging out the dirty laundry.

Fresh from the magazine cover of Cleo, Brent Staker plays his 150th AFL game this weekend. A great effort after a rough few years & a couple of knee reconstuctions.  Stakes is a regular in the social pages and for good reason, this dreamboat is one of Brisbane's finest bachelors.

Plenty of his time is spent in the Lions gym and the man loves pumping his tunes,  let's see what he likes -

Who's your favourite artist? All time is Michael Jackson and Rolling Stones. At the moment Daft Punk 'Instant Crush' has my attention.

Pop song stuck in your head? 'Hello' by The Stafford Brothers

Do you listen to music before games? Yeah but nothing in particular.... I just let songs play out.

To pump up or relax? To pump up I'll listen to Def Leopard "Pour some sugar on me" and to chill out Frank Ocean or The Beach Boys.

Any musical talents? Nope not a musical bone in my body.

Did you do any music at school? I was in the school choir for Year 9 and 10.

What radio station do you listen to?  B105

Karaoke song? 'How do you do'... Roxette.

Your thoughts of my musical taste? It's really random but very interesting mix. Always something new but the on the flip side you enjoy the golden oldies.

If there was only one song you could listen to for the rest of your life, what would it be? Cat Stevens 'Father and Son'.

Oh what a snag!

Kicking goals on & off the field 

Thanks heaps Stakes. I can't wait to see the banner for Saturday nights game.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Splendour in the Grass: Preview

 Splendour starts tomorrow in Byron Bay and has another killer line-up. The guys from Village Sounds seem to do it every year!

 While I'm in Adelaide trying to knock over Port Power  in our most important game of the season the likes of Mumford and Sons, The National, Frank Ocean and TV On The Radio will be rocking out to 30,000 punters.

Of the 90 bands playing over the 3 days, I will give you a hand so you are not overwhelmed with choices.

-As a general rule always go International acts before local ones. At festivals you are always going to have clashes.You are a better chance to see the local acts again but it may be the last opportunity you ever get to see the International act.


Must See:

Mumford & Sons
Darwin Deez
Robert Delong


Portugal,The Man vs Boy & Bear (Portugal)
Baby Shambles vs You Am I ( Baby Shambles)
TV On The Radio vs Matt Corby (TV On The Radio)
Klaxons vs Architecture in Helsinki (Klaxons)

Mumford & Sons will close Friday night.


Must See:

The National
Bernard Fanning
Empire Of The Sun
The Polyphonic Spree(Doing 'Rocky Horror Show')
Cold War Kids
Vance Joy


Jagwar Ma vs Violent Soho (Jagwar Ma)
Jake Bugg vs Chet Faker ( Jake Bugg)
Cloud Control vs MS MR (MS MR)

The Tough Call:

Flume vs The National.

 Both killer acts.The National are the International, so on my theory they get the win but I know Flume will be dropping some new tunes, so its not one you wanna miss. Flip a coin.


Must see:

Frank Ocean
Of Monsters & Men
James Blake
Everything Everything
Passion Pit
The Jungle Giants
Little Green Cars


The Presets vs Laura Marling ( two different genres- whatever floats your boat)
James Blake vs You Am I ( James Blake)
Mystery Band vs Hermitude ( Alt -J was named as the Mystery band- Dont miss them)
Gurrumul vs The Rubens ( The Rubens)
Fidlar vs The Bamboos ( Fidlar)
Alpine vs Surfer Blood ( Surfer Blood)

Here is my Splendour playlist on Spotify to get you pumped and ready. Or it can just remind you what you're missing out on!

Have a good weekend.