Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Highlights From 2012- Take 5 with Zan : 08/06/2012

The wins against West Coast Eagles & Adelaide Crows are definite highlights for 2012 on field, my chance to go into the Triple J studios & Take 5 with Zan Rowe was one of my highlights off the field.

When asked if i would be interested in doing it I jumped at the chance but anxiety replaced excitement when I realised the task ahead- how do you only choose 5 songs??

My topic was songs that have influenced my life. I started with Incubus 'Certain shade of green'- the soundtrack of my youth.

Sublime 'what i got' followed, this song was played everyday when I spent a month in Tahiti on a surfing trip with 2 mates as a 15yr old. A huge time in my life which I feel i matured into a young adult during this trip.

My favourite band Bloc Party got a run with 'Helicopter'. When this Brit Rock band came out with  'Silent Alarm' it changed my ears forever. I found a new confidence in what was good music. Amazing album & touring soon yeew!

Cold War Kids where the first band I met, though it was in the subway line at the airport waiting to order a six inch chicken teriyaki. Still a moment I'll remember forever, over coming fear & nervousness to go talk to someone famous. I chose there song 'hang me out to dry'.

'All I want is you' by Barry Louis Polisar was the song my wife Sarah & I walked out of the church to on our wedding day. It was meant as a kids song but we heard it used in the movie 'Juno'. We loved it & so did Nigel lappin, I remember him coming up after the ceremony & the first thing he said after congrats is 'was that a barry louis polisar song'?

Thanks Triple J & Zan Rowe for the awesome experience.

Here is the recording of the interview with Zan Rowe:    [Take 5 with Zan : 08/06/2012]

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