Sunday, 3 March 2013

Dan Rich- What's he like?

This chunky little character bursts on the scene with a flash of blonde hair. A ripping bloke who looks like he belongs in the surf next to Occy. Dan has a knack of getting stuff for free, he is also a crowd pleaser..... And I love having him in my team.

A regular at concerts from tickets that were complimentary, here is what he's into:

Richy Boy who are your favourite artists right now & of all time?
Right now is Alt-J & all time is Jack Johnson.

Pop song that gets stuck in your head?  Impossible - James Arthur

What do you listen to before games? City & Colour, Beautiful Girls & Art of Sleeping. I like to chill out then pump up.

Any Musical talents? I was in the choir at school for a bit but was never talented enough to be in the school band.... I didn't want to anyway :(

What radio station do you listen to? JJJ

Kareoke song? Wonderwall - Oasis

Your thoughts on my musical taste? The occasional diamond in the rough.

If there was only one song you could listen to for the rest of your life, what would it be? Jack Johnson - Taylor

Thanks Richy boy

I'm going to be interviewing a few of my team mates in the future, let me know who you want to learn more about.

I hope this song gets stuck in your head ;)

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  1. Gotta get something from Jonno Brown in the future, also Brent Moloney!

    Love your work!