Saturday, 27 April 2013

Twenty Thirteen Movies I can't wait to see

There is nothing better then a relaxing afternoon/evening at the movies after a solid training session or game. Big Goose Maguire & I are regulars at Gold Class on a Tuesday afternoon. How awesome is it to get your hot choccy delivered halfway through a movie while your kicking back in a recliner!
Here are a few movies we will be hitting up shortly....


1.ONLY GOD FORGIVES- From the same guys that made 'DRIVE' which was my favourite movie from 2011. DRIVE had a killer soundtrack, I'm expecting more of the same stuff for GOD ONLY KNOWS.

2. THE GREAT GATSBY- The most anticipated movie of twenty thirteen. An all time classic story of passion, violence & love. It's got an all star soundtrack to boot. Hurry up already!

3. STAR TREK INTO THE DARKNESS- Since JJ.Abrams has taken over the realm, the Star Trek 'enterprise' has made a respectful comeback. With word JJ.Abrams has agreed to do the new STAR WARS films, classic SCI-FI is back! Live long and prosper.

4. AFTER EARTH- The fresh prince new one looks cool from the previews, hopefully he doesn't rap on the soundtrack. I think the use of real life Father-Son duo in the movie is also pretty awesome.

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