Tuesday, 21 May 2013

@ The HiFi Bar: The Bronx

Its been a few years since I've seen a punk band. I spent my youth listening to Millencolin. NOFX, Unwritten Law & Strung Out but nothing of that ilk lately... Boy have I been missing out!

 The Bronx have been rocking for 12 years now & have not lost any of their energy. I haven't seen a mosh or crowd surfing like that since the Vans Warped Tour 99'. Its awesome that it still allowed to exist.

Frontman Matt Caughthran demands the crowds full attention and participation. Even the Energizer bunny would run dead trying to keep up with him. He is a classic frontman.

My ears were ringing for days after this concert but it was well worth it. No wonder I couldn't hear the umpires yelling at me on the weekend....

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