Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Ash Mcgrath - What's He Like?

He's the man of the moment.

That winning kick- Great style.

Just recently winning the 'Jim Stynes Medal' for being the best Australian player in the International Rules series. He looked right at home standing in the goal square, not having to move to far. I might let him take that role next year playing on the oppositions Full Forwards.

Frustrated Goaly- always someone else's fault.

It's been one of those years for Ash, who can forget his kick after the siren to win the game in his 200th match. It was one of the greatest wins Ive been apart of & a fairytale for Ash.

Lets see what he's into-

What pop song get's stuck in your head- Karmin Acapella 

Do you listen to music before games? Yes got a little play list

To pump up or chill out- A bit of both

Any musical talents? Yes I can play a mean triangle and destroy guitar hero on  Medium level

Did u do any music at school? ie school choir/ play recorder/ start a band? Played recorder but if you tell anyone I'll  kill ya.

What radio station do u most listen to? Either morning radio station in the morning to get the traffic updates then on goes spotify tunes

Kareoke song? Cotton Fields - Creedence Clearwater Revival

Your thoughts on my musical taste? Very good bit out there

If there was only one song you could listen to for the rest of your life what would it be?
Seven Spanish Angels by Willy Neelson, it was my dads favourite song and his funeral song so means a lot to me and my family 

I love the way music does that. You can attach a certain song to a time in your life, everytime you hear that song it reminds you of that moment and the emotion.

Thanks so much for sharing that with us mate.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The GM- Simon Black

Blacky is said to do his finest work in September on the footy field. With three Premiership Medals and  a Norm Smith to go along with his three All-Australian, three Best & Fairest's and a Brownlow Medal, his record speaks for itself.

But I believe its the following weeks after September where Blacky does his best work on dance floors and Kareoke bars. Now that he is an older statesmen, the time spent on the 'D-floor' has shortened but he still dominates and when his arm starts pumping you know things are about to escalate.

Getting the Great Man on the karaoke stage is a hard feat but once up there he's impossible to get down. Let's see what Blacky's influences are when belting out a tune.

Blacky who's your favourite artist of all time? Pearl Jam

At the moment? Ben Howard 

Pop song stuck in head? Hey Ya- Outkast

Do you listen to music before games? Sometimes to chill out if I'm feeling nervous. Particularly on the bus to away games interstate. 

Any musical talent? 
I have very minimal music talent, learnt the guitar briefly at school, created my own song called 'Baby Don't Cry'. Those three words were the whole lyrics to the song, it was a big hit in my household growing up. I still sing it from time to time now when im having a flat day! I also learnt the recorder at school. 

Radio Station you listen to? Listen to Triple J mostly. 

Your Karaoke song would be? Santa Monica, Everclear. 

Thoughts on my music taste? You know I thoroughly enjoy your music taste and am often asking you about new bands or tips for me to check out, you're my go to man for cracking new music!

If there was only one song I could listen to forever probably be? Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah or Ben Harper - Amen Omen

Well, the great man has great taste no wonder he is a star!