Thursday, 12 September 2013

Summer loving with 'Mac Demarco'

This Canadian groover has delivered my summer soundtrack.

Im not sure if it was spending most of my holidays with Byron Bay back drop that drew me towards these beachy/jazzy/ funky sounds but Mac Demarco does it well.

His film clip to 'Ode to Viceroy' is a bit trippy & the song is a at a slow pace but its a perfect paradise jam. His guitar work is simple yet howling... I love it.

My favourite tune of his is 'Freaking out the Neighbourhood' a more upbeat and super cool tune.

Can't wait for summer to get in the water and once my leg heals jump on my surfboard. Byron Bay & Noosa will be the choice spots for my new longboard.

The only only downer is that summer = Preseason training. Which = pain. Gotta love it.

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