Saturday, 2 February 2013

St Jeromes

St Jeromes Laneway Festival is fast becoming one of my favourites. They seem to deliver each year with their line up, finding artists who have just peaked or are about to and with their smaller stages the artists feel more accessible.

I was really excited to see Alt -J, they have become one of the bands of the year.

As an athlete you are always having to make sacrifices, usually it's your social life first. It is rare to be able to go to festival or gig without it affecting your training schedule. Luckily we have Friday afternoon off after a morning session at the Enoggera Army Barracks. We also have a 5:45am start Saturday morning with a running/skills session. So, Laneway was perfect, it starts at lunch, the main bands I wanted to see were playing between 4-7pm.... perfect! Except I forgot I had an AusKick clinic from 5-6pm at the Ferny Grove Falcons which I had to make up from last year when had to fight a charge at the tribunal.So I was going to miss Alt-J & Of Monsters & Men, two of the biggest acts.

But all good I was still going to catch Flume, Japandroids & Chet Faker.

Flume is a Star! With a huge future. Cannot rave on enough about how good his set was. His flight was  delayed 3hrs from Sydney due to lightning. He was expected to arrive 15mins late for the set but came running onto the stage only 5mins late... what a legend.
After the Laneway tour Harley Streten is off to tour with his mate Emoh Instead as 'What So Not'. Worth a look.
Here is a sick remix that they did of 'Warrior'.

After Flume blew the roof off the 'Car Park' stage Japandroids exploded on the 'Eat Your Own Ears' stage.
This two piece from Vancouver put out an outstanding sound & rocked hard! The energy they brought remind me of the punk bands I used to listen to in the 90's. A must see band while they are in Oz, you will not be disappointed with the show these two lads put on.

As I headed to watch Chet Faker I was locked out as the venue was at full capacity..... shattered :(

I had to make a tough call to stay for Devine Fits at 8:40pm or head home and prepare for my 2km time trial at 5:45am. In the end Football came first as it always does. Chet Faker we will meet again.

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